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About BrutalicaKnives

BrutalicaKnives was founded in 2016 in Russia by Aleksei Ponomareve and partners.

Beeing a real fan of knives Aleksei designed and invented knives since he was a kid. His skill and artistry grow year after year.

For now Aleksei Ponomarev works in knives industry for more then 15 years. He came a long interesting and successful way from regular knives seller in knives store to the skilled corporate buyer, cheif on knive production and the owner of most ambitious knives online store in Russia.

All knives are designed tested by Aleksei Ponomarev personally, now hired disigners are involved.

Since 2018 BrutalicaKnives started international saled and distrubution.

Feel free to contact us: admin@brutalicaknives.com

est. 2016